Black Water: Abyss (2020)
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Black Water: Abyss
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Title: Black Water: Abyss (2020)
Release: 2020-07-09
Runtime: 98 min.
Genre: , , ,
Stars: Jessica McNamee, Anthony J. Sharpe, Amali Golden, Luke Mitchell, Benjamin Hoetjes, Louis Toshio Okada, Rumi Kikuchi, Anna Kubat, Nicole Collett, Stu Kirk, Troy Black
Overview: Black Water: Abyss (2020) : An adventure-loving couple convince their friends to explore a remote, uncharted cave system in the forests of Northern Australia. With a tropical storm approaching, they abseil into the mouth of the cave, but when the caves start to flood, tensions rise as oxygen levels fall and the friends find themselves trapped. Unknown to them, the storm has also brought in a pack of dangerous and hungry crocodiles.
'Black Water: Abyss' should have been a shrewd, scary situational suspense film along the lines of Alexandra Aja's minor classic 'Crawl' or Jaume Collet-Serra's underrated 'The Shallows', but a low budget, slack pacing and a lack of ideas sinks this one to the bottom of the swamp. - Jake Watt Read Jake's full article... https://www.maketheswitch.com.au/article/review-black-water-abyss-abyss-mally-shoddy