The Virtuoso (2021)
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The Virtuoso
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Title: The Virtuoso (2021)
Release: 2021-04-30
Runtime: 105 min.
Genre: , ,
Stars: Anthony Hopkins, Abbie Cornish, Diora Baird, Anson Mount, Eddie Marsan, David Morse, Richard Brake, Chris Perfetti, Lory Molino, Shay Guthrie, Estelle Girard Parks
Overview: The Virtuoso (2021) : A lonesome stranger with nerves of steel must track down and kill a rogue hitman to satisfy an outstanding debt. But the only information he's been given is a time and location where to find his quarry. No name. No description. Nothing.
Has some interesting elements but "The Virtuoso" (how Anson Mount's character is credited) is kind of an idiot for being some kind of world-class hitman (not sure why he'd take an assignment to some tiny town with no name or picture of his target), plus his monotone narration can lull you to sleep if you're not careful. Anthony Hopkins was mailing it in as most stars of his ilk tend to do with these direct-to-video films (and majority of scenes take place in a dark office), but nice to see Abbie Cornish in all her glory... IDK, it's not at all terrible but doesn't make a whole lot of sense either. I can see what the writers and director was going for, just didn't work all that well. **2.5/5**